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    Your Entertainment Source

    This podcast is designed for pop culture fans who are tired of scrolling through Dark Twitter for entertainment gossip that you can't find from The Daily Mail.

    Your Sweet Escape

    This is your weekly getaway with everything from Cardi B's debut album to how to deal with heartbreak (disclaimer: the cure has not been found).

    Your Three Best Friends

    Although we lack palm trees, we make up for it with authenticity, laughter, and unfiltered opinions of the ever-changing world of pop culture that we live in.


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    Careful, we aren't your average girls next door!

    Sophie Raines

    Sophie is a rising senior at the University of Kansas majoring in Communications Studies with a minor in Human Sexuality. Sophie spends most of her time sleeping, and scrolling though the darkest parts of Twitter. Occasionally, you can find her ordering Papa Johns pizza (only cheese) and frantically trying to charge her phone that constantly stays on 3 percent.

    Tobi Gbile

    Tobi is a University of Chicago alum, and an employee of the adidas group, on the adidas Originals global brand marketing team at the company HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany. When she’s not plotting to take the streetwear industry by storm, she’s running her website Girl With Purple Gucci’s, and indulging in all things music, fashion, and reality TV.

    Jasmin Khounthasenh

    Jasmin is a student at the University of Kansas majoring in Strategic Communications with a minor in Visual Arts. Standing at 5’2, she is a force to be reckoned with, and her power cannot be imitated. When she’s not tending to her puppy, Drogon, she can be found advising her friends through their BS, writing a love letter to Drake, or plotting her next venture. Jasmin handles scrutiny well, but don’t test her. Like any other Libra, she comes off sugary sweet, but is not afraid to switch up on you if you wanna try it...


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